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Speedup your PHP with C extension

How to write PHP7 C extension

Real PHP multithreading application

How to write multithreading PHP application

Setting global shortcut hook on linux

Implementing global hotkey for Linux

Lumen-like routes

How to write lumen-like routes

Obscene language detector

Writing algorithm for detecting obscene language in Javascript

PHP WebSockets integration

How to integrate websockets server in PHP

Vanilla JavaScript HTML5 Video Player

Writing JavaScript video player with several quality source

PHP7 exceptions

How to use new exceptions in PHP7

Working with PhpStorm and Docker on Windows

I hope you are using at least PhpStorm because we are going to setup our project with Docker integrated tool on Windows 10.

How to manage custom Linux daemon?

There are so many questions about "I wrote my service / daemon for linux. How can I install it?" So here you can find how to start a daemon on Linux via service command